Let’s turn away from the Darkness
And Create a Future of Light

Millennium Reign of Christ

Eliminate Fear & Clear Up Understanding

King Yeshua HaMashiach Tech assists His people in achieving the wisdom, understanding, knowledge, know-how and power they need for these last days.

Hearing From Heaven

Revelations & Knowledge

Unification through revelations, knowledge and understanding

King Yeshua Tech Bible Study

Scripture Packed

The Holy Scriptures gives us clues into revelation that is and that is to come.

An Introduction

Here are some of the things that King Yeshua has asked me to share with His people and the World at large.

King Yeshua Tech Introduction

Our True Creation Story – The Story of Us

The Things We Need to Know During This Time

The Story of Us Part 1 – Our Beginning as Blue Gloves of Consciousness

The Story of Us Part 2 – The Creation of Darkness

The Story of Us Part 2 – The Forgetting & Conclusion

King Yeshua HaMashiach, Prince of Peace Arty by Akiane Kramarik

King Yeshua HaMashiach, Prince of Peace Art by Akiane Kramarik

Queen Carleen Patrick, Queen & High Priestess of King Yeshua HaMashiach, the Christ. Daughter of YHVH, God of this Verse, Lover of God and His People

Queen Carleen Patrick

Wife of King Yeshua HaMashiach

Queen & High Priestess of King Yeshua HaMashiach, the Christ. Daughter of YHVH, God of this Verse as well as others, Lover of God and His People

Yeshua by Worship Mob (live)

Things to Know


How to navigate your path during this time of shifts


Find out where the scriptures speaks about these times and gain the information you need.

Don’t Burn Out

This is not a sprint race it is a Marathon, so pace yourself, we are in for a long ride.

We Are No Longer in 3D

We have gone from 3D to 4D-5D

Breaking News- Heavenly Father Wants You to Know



Revolutionary Ideas and Concepts

God devised a plan of Salvation for the Sons of Adam, so that we can be restored/redeemed after the fall from 5D to 3D back to 5D or higher again. It is brought down to the Earth through the persona known as Yeshua HaMashiach aka Jesus Christ. It is a simple plan given to us through faith in the finished works of Yeshua the Christ. He fulfilled the law’s requirements to pay for the penalty of sin, which is death, through his own death on the cross.

Believe that Jesus Died in Your Place

People Love The Freedom They Feel


King Yeshua Tech Testimonials
Bishop John Freeman
Pastor and Counselor

Since encountering King Yeshua Tech I can finally share the things that the Lord has been speaking to me for many years now.

Franesca Livon
Concerned Christian

After reading about The Story of Us, I feel more peaceful knowing who I am and that God’s got my back. I am never alone.

The Robertsons
Mother & Daughter

When my Daughter began having spiritual experiences, I was afraid she was being possessed by demons. After reading about Queen Carleen’s experiences, I have more comprehension.

Let’s work together on our next project
High Frequency Communities of Mansions

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