What to Do to Prepare and Navigate Through This Shift

Preparation is a Process – Don’t Skip the Process – It Won’t Work Well

Preparation During the Shift

In the Holy Bible we are told that we must be continually growing in the Grace and Knowledge of God.

Taking time to work on our inner-self is the most important thing that we can do now.

Inner reconciliation is the process of working out the inner conflicts that we experience and feel on a daily basis or that we repress but that spurts up in the most surprising time and areas of our life and that may be responsible for illnesses that we experience.

NDE Experiencing Other Realms

Venia overdosed on caffeine tablets, dies and is taken to other realms. Is explained that this realm is not perfect and we are to enjoy this realm even though we mess up. We can clear up a lot of our Karma by doing everything out of love.

Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) sung by Avion Blackman with Christafari

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